“Before this program I spent a year of more rest, meditation, and looking within to see what else I would like to do as a career in my life”



Hi. I have started my quest of working in myself in 2019. I started listening to Abraham Hicks as per recommendation of a friend.

I had done meditation and I had manifested great things. However, I still didn’t feel I had the “creator control over my life as I heard. I still felt I don’t know how to project my desires and accomplish them. So I joined this 6-day challenge with the hope to learn something new or something that would help me connect all the dots together and some more control over how to manifest my heart’s desire.

“My days began to spin with more
energy, with more motivation
and full of synchronicities”

I have done the 6 phase mediation and even though I feel they go a bit faster than I would like, I feel the change in my life. I am was having breakfast this morning after the last day of class and as I was eating I was feeling grateful for the cereal, the people that harvested the grains, the people that transported the grain, the people that packaged them, the truckers that brought the package to the store. The people in the store, my mom for buying that particular cereal. I was grateful for the cow that produced the milk, the people that milk the cow, and I was just amazing, absolutely amazed at the effects of this meditation and how it has impacted the way I feel grateful. There is so much to be grateful for.

I can’t way to see how many more changes this 6 phase meditation will Bring to me life. Thank you Vishen and Thank Mindvalley for such an amazing week!!!