Third Wave founder Paul F. Austin came from a background in teaching and education.

As Third Wave grew, Paul noticed that the majority of psychedelic programs only addressed the medical, clinical, and therapeutic applications of psychedelic medicines.

But psychedelics have so much more potential beyond clinical diagnoses.

Third Wave’s programs focused on mastering the skill of psychedelics, with an orientation towards performance, leadership and creativity.

To serve the rapidly growing demand for psychedelic-assisted coaching, Third Wave launched its most ambitious and comprehensive training program to date: The Coaching Certification Program. This industry-defining program has since evolved into an entity of its own:

The Institute’s pillar training program integrates learnings from world-class psychedelic practitioners, offering established coaches high level training in the skill of psychedelics, with the intention of establishing an up-and-coming generation of psychedelic coaching pioneers.

Our services include a robust training program, diverse practitioner community and a capacity to match coaches with clients, with the intention of serving the betterment of all well-people.

Today, we are several cohorts strong in providing the world with over 200 graduates and industry-leading psychedelic coaches.

Embark on your coaching journey and join us for our next 10-month training intensive: click here to learn more.