Personalized Psychedelic Coaching – Coaches

Lauren Mugglebee

Executive & Leadership Coach

Lauren is wired to inspire and catalyze others. Before becoming a certified coach with the Berkeley Executive Coaching Institute and Third Wave, she spent two decades helping individuals and teams unlock creativity, innovation, and stronger outcomes for several Fortune 500 companies. In resonance with her pioneering spirit, she is passionate about radical self-awareness, connection, and non-ordinary states of consciousness as powerful catalysts for transformation. Curious, energetic, and intuitive, she draws upon depth psychology, neuroscience and awareness-based systems change when partnering with clients to help them uncover their strengths, instinctive drives, and leading archetypes. A US native and UK citizen, Lauren currently lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her partner and two young daughters.

Nasreen (Naz) El-Mariesh

Transformation, Psychedelic Integration Coach, and Relationship Mentor

Naz’s passion is empowering and inspiring humans to reach the heights of their potential. She is a transformational coach and a specialist in relationships: to self, our loved ones, and the Divine. Blending science and spirituality for an expansive and intuitive coaching experience, Naz invites you to meet yourself with depth and curiosity. What often feels like play is a vivid exploration into the realms of the emotional and energetic fabric of your existence — a space where you learn that the wisdom you seek is housed within and that fear can be alchemised into love by bold and inspired action.

Liz Chernett

Psychedelic Mentor & Integration Coach

Liz has a preternatural gift for helping people dig deep and make meaningful change in their lives. Before becoming a certified psychedelic integration coach with Third Wave, she spent seventeen years working for fashion and wellness brands as a creative director and team lead. This work took her all over the world and introduced her to indelible mentors and mentees; she learned the value of being coached and of coaching others. She discovered her innate gift to be a mirror of others’ latent gifts, and has since been honing her toolkit for helping them embody those gifts. Liz’s specialty is helping her clients cook up their own unique recipe of integration practices to further their growth and step into their power. Her coaching style is grounded in presence, compassion, and curiosity. Alongside her training she calls upon her passion for mindfulness-based meditation, transpersonal psychology, and spiritual archetypes. Liz currently lives in Philadelphia with her partner and their toddler son.

Matt Cooper

Health Coach and Movement-Based Trainer

Matt Cooper is a practitioner in the Los Angeles area that helps bridge the gap between our physiology and how we’re feeling through an integrated biopsychosocial approach. He specializes in identifying any physiological limiters that may be holding us back from how we take in—and show up in—the world. Coop works with a variety of people, including athletes, individuals, those with chronic conditions, and more.

Dr. Zac Lyons

Embodiment, Self Love, and Relationship Coach

Dr. Zac is designed to deepen and soften others. Before becoming a Third Wave certified coach, he spent 6 years bringing ease, awareness, and function to people’s nervous system and body as a chiropractor, craniosacral therapist and a self-love and relationships coach. In alignment with his devotion to truth, he is passionate about embodiment, gentleness, and understanding that gets to the core of matters in order to catalyze transformation from tension to ease. A student of multiple disciplines, he uses his presence, ability to notice energetic subtleties, and sustained commitment to support his clients in re-establishing a solid connection to reality via the truth and wisdom of their bodies. Dr. Zac currently lives in the Kansas City metro with his radiant and loving girlfriend, Kayla, and his sweet, grounded dog Maisy.