The Psychedelic Coaching Institute Presents…

Becoming a Psychedelic Practitioner

Live From Costa Rica with Certification Students and Faculty

June 28 at 12pm PT

Join this free conversation with Third Wave founder, Paul F. Austin.

Get Behind-The-Scenes Insights From People Walking The Walk

The best way to see if a path is right for you is to talk to those already walking it. 

In this spontaneous and fun webinar, join founder Paul F. Austin live from our current cohort’s 6-day Intensive Costa Rica!

You’ll hear from faculty, current students, and get a real-time look into what our program actually looks and feels like.

Get a Crystal Clear View of What You Can Expect:

  • Dive deep into the real-life experiences of current certification students and faculty members directly from our retreat in Costa Rica.
  • Hear directly from students about their transformative journeys and experiences in the certification program.
  • Engage with our faculty who will share their path to becoming psychedelic practitioners, from the highs, the challenges, and uncommon perspectives.
  • Learn why our 8-Day Intensive is so special (and why this is not offered in other programs).
  • Discover the variety of practitioners, backgrounds, roles and career paths represented in the “psychedelic practitioner” umbrella and the impact you can make in this emerging field.
  • Understand what it means to be a Psychedelic Practitioner and the process of becoming one.

Plus an In-Depth Program Breakdown of the 3 Phases of Certification 

Our certification program has 3 core phases:

  1. Theory
  2. Experiential (the Intensive)
  3. Practicum

Paul will walk you through each one, why it’s important, and how this differs from other approaches to psychedelic training 

About Paul F. Austin, Founder & CEO of Psychedelic Coaching Institute and Third Wave

The Psychedelic Coaching Institute and Numinus have partnered to deliver a 6-part training series with the goal of<br>providing valuable insight into the true potential of Psychedelic Assisted Therapy and Coaching. 

Paul F. Austin is one of the most prominent voices in the world of psychedelics and the author of “Mastering Microdosing: How to Use Sub-Perceptual Psychedelics to Heal Trauma, Improve Performance and Transform Your Life”.

As the founder of Third Wave, he has educated millions on the importance of safe and effective psychedelic experiences. A pioneer at the intersection of microdosing, personal transformation, and professional success, he has been featured in Forbes, Rolling Stone, and the BBC’s Worklife.

Paul helps others use microdosing as a tool for professional development and increased self-awareness by treating the use of psychedelics as a skill refined through mentorship and courageous exploration.

Learning how to master this skill will be crucial in the story of humanity’s present-future evolution.

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