3 Emerging Psychedelic Careers

Top 3 Emerging
Psychedelic Careers
in 2024

Craft a meaningful career or side gig at the intersection of purpose, profit, and impact.

February 8 at 10am PT

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Welcome to the Golden Era of Psychedelic Careers

We’ll focus on 3 specific high-growth career paths, and how to seamlessly pivot into these opportunities today.

Who is This Webinar Perfect for:

  • Aspiring and current coaches who want to add a powerful modality into their toolkit
  • Heart-centered humans looking for an impactful side-gig
  • Healers, health coaches, and professionals who want to differentiate themselves in their market
  • Anyone looking to pivot or transition into a transformational career path aligned with their values

Discover the Professional Psychedelic Landscape:

  • Incredible emerging opportunities in the psychedelic space
  • Why psychedelic support roles will surge over the next 24 months
  • How “the great resignation” is creating new opportunities in psychedelics
  • What you need to know about legality for psychedelic support roles
  • The 5 essential insights for a career in psychedelics
  • Key elements missing in most psychedelic frameworks (Integration is only one piece of the puzzle.)
  • And so much more

“Third Wave is doing invaluable work to shift the cultural conversation around psychedelic medicines. Through well-researched content and immersive trainings for practitioners, they are helping to pioneer the emerging psychedelic renaissance.”

Dr. Ben Sessa MBBS (MD) MRCPsych, consultant, psychiatrist, and renowned psychedelic researcher

The Financial Landscape of Psychedelic Careers

Understanding the economic potential of psychedelic work has a lot to do with perceived risk by the public.

Take a look at the trends:

  • Psychedelic decriminalization movements in the US continue to gain momentum
  • Australia legalized psilocybin therapy just last year. 
  • Oregon legalized psilocybin therapy in 2020
  • Insiders believe MDMA therapy could be legalized as early as THIS YEAR
  • A psilocybin therapy bill is headed to the California legislature right now

Public interest in these substances is skyrocketing. 

And while the “official” push is for medicalization, the effect on culture will be similar to cannabis: 

Recognized medical uses generate massive interest for many types of people for many different reasons.

Position Yourself For Our Psychedelic Future

To position yourself for success in this growing field, you need to be professionally equipped on every level.

Since we’re still just at the beginning of this wave, it’s important to take informed, intelligent steps.

You need to understand the paths available to you, what they each require, the risks involved, and how it may work for you.

Build Your Psychedelic Life Raft:

How a Transformational Framework Mitigates Risk and Maximizes Impact

Regardless of the path you choose in the psychedelic space, a solid framework is one of your most valuable assets in this work.

It keeps you from starting from scratch every single time.

It helps you avoid legal risk, putting clients in the wrong situations, and ensures transformational results.

Because when you follow a system, potential “integration issues” and liability become easier and manageable.

A framework is your life raft to help you confidently navigate the dynamic, murky waters of the psychedelic industry.

We’ll take you behind the scenes of our proven 5-step model and show you how it fits into each psychedelic career path.

“As an ethnobotanist, I receive many questions about psychedelics and microdosing. I refer folks to Paul Ausin and Third Wave as a go-to, reliable source of information.”

Mark J. Plotkin, Ph.D, renowned ethnobotanist, author, and TED Talk Speaker

Debunking myths about legitimacy, financial stability, and legalities in psychedelic careers

“Is this really a legitimate career?”
“Will I risk going to jail?
“I heard this story about a man in Florida…”

Get the inside scoop on critical questions on legality, financial sustainability, and growth potential in the rapidly evolving psychedelic space.

We have real-world case studies from people working at every level of the psychedelic sphere.

We’ll also have plenty of time for Q&A to make sure you have all the information you need to make an informed decision.

(Yes, you can even ask about cults)

What’s Possible For You in a Psychedelic Career?

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February 8 at 10am PT


Join this free 60-minute webinar with Psychedelic Coaching Institute founder, Paul F. Austin.

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